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Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are some 1268 eerie hillocks, ranging from 20 to 50 metres in height, which dominate the landscape for miles around. In summer months, their grass covering dries out, turning them a 'Chocolate' brown, hence their name. We stayed in a hotel built on top of one of the hills and after only a few hours sleep, due to a huge uninvited guest of the six-legged variety, got up at 5.00am the next morning to watch the sunrise over the mysterious landscape. As it rose, it gradually illuminated the fields exposing the awe-inspiring surroundings of Bohol ; surely one of the most stunning natural backdrops in the world.

A plaque written by the Geological society of the Philippines informatively told us the hills were formed 'ages ago'. It went on however to explain that their creation is thought to have occurred through deposition of coral limestone that has subsequently been shaped by millions of years of erosion, but no one knows for sure. Locals told us of the legends that surround the hillocks, the most popular being that two feuding giants created the landscape during a battle in which they pelted each other with boulders and sand.



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