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Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls is a popular landmark of the city and sometimes synonymous to the word Iligan. It known as the source of hydroelectric power that lights the cities of Mindanao . It is located in Barangay Maria Cristina, 8.5 kilometers from the city.

Iligan is also known for its numerous waterfalls, the most famous of which is the Maria Cristina Falls , which is the main source of power for the surrounding districts and nearby provinces. Only 9 kilometers from the city, you can reach it by taking a jeepney ride from the pier to the Agus Bridge . From here, you can walk the rest of the way for about half an hour. The falls is 320 feet high and plunges into the torrential Agus River . Swimming here is dangerous. But you can get a good view of the falls from the Agus Bridge , where a path and concrete steps lead straight to the waterfall. Aside from this attraction, you will be awed by the thick, undisturbed virgin forest around you.

Maria Cristina Falls stands grandly 320 feet high. The volume of the water is 100 cubic meter per second. When the cascading water strikes at the base it creates a pressure of 224 pounds per square inch. The falls is not only very beautiful but it is full of myths and legends.

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