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The 13th president of the Philippines, was born on April 19, 1937 in Tondo, a ghetto area of
Manila and once the home for the toughies and poorest of the poor, to Engr. Emilio Ejercito
(deceased) and Maria Marcelo. His father worked for the government. Joseph's mother,
Maria Marcelo, a simple housewife, studied music at the Colegio de Santa Rosa.

After highschool, Joseph decided to study engineering to follow in the footsteps of his
father. But in his third year at Mapua, he decided to try the movies. displeased with his
decision to drop out of college, his parents forbade him to use his family name, which
forced him to adopt "Estrada" (Spanish for street) as a screen name, and "Erap" ("Pare" or
friend spelled backwards) as a nickname. during his movie career, he played the lead role in
more than a hundred movies and produced more than 70 films. He was the first FAMAS
Hall of Fame awardee for Best Actor (1981) and also became a Hall of Fame awardee as a
Producer (1983).

Estrada entered politics when he ran for Mayor of San Juan in 1968. He was only
proclaimed mayor in 1969, after he won an elctoral protest against Dr. Braulio Sto.
Domingo. As mayor (1969 - 1986), Estrada was named one of the Ten Outstanding Mayor and
Foremost Nationalist (1972) and Most Outstanding Metro Manila Mayor (1972).

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